What we do

Haeberlin Consulting is a boutique management consulting firm, bringing clarity, direction and momentum to our clients.

We can help you clearly frame your challenge, understand what needs to be done, establish why, when and how, and then choose the level of support you require to make it happen.

Big, complex challenge? We can be part of your team for an extended period. Short on time or resources? We can work independently and only involve you when necessary. Know the issue, just need a solution? We can provide help during a critical phase of a project or simply come in, assess the situation and provide short, sharp recommendations to accelerate action.

Whilst our experience is diverse, our principles are consistent:

  • Our success is based on pragmatic conversations and meaningful relationships, instead of rigid formulas or prescribed thinking
  • If we’re not the one to make things happen for you, then we’ll let you know straight away and help you find the best alternative
  • We only make recommendations we’d be prepared to implement if we were in your shoes
  • We don’t over-engineer things.  We know that simple, straight forward and fit for purpose leads to the best outcomes.

We have five practice areas, all of them interlinked in some way. If we work with you in one area, you’ll benefit from our experience across others. This breadth and depth helps us understand your situation quicker, make more relevant recommendations, and implement them more efficiently.


Who we are

We are a small team by design – we’ve chosen to work together to do challenging and enjoyable work with clients who value our involvement.